Sport Fan Engagement

Unleash your competitive spirit with our cutting-edge fan engagement solution!

Maintain communication with its fans

Using our platform, sport clubs can organizes competitions inwhich fans compete against each other to perform various sports exercises. Our platform uses advanced technology to automatically evaluate fan performance using a simple app, and analyze performance on your mobile device instantly, whether you are at the stadium, asocial meeting, or from home.

As they strive to beat their opponents and climb the ranks to the top, the leaderboard keeps fans motivated and engaged.
But that's not all... Our solution also provides an opportunity for the leading players of the club to present the exercises, giving you a chance to learn from the pros and gain a deeper understanding of the sport.
What can you get from our fan engagement solution?
  • Stay close to your audiance
  • Tailormade app for sport clubs and for fans
  • Abillitiy to track fans
  • Smart executions dashboard
  • Multilanguage support
Fans can improve their fitness and boost their competitive spirit through these events, while also deepening their connection to their favorite club.
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