Artificial intelligence-based physiotherapy solution

Evaluate the effectiveness of physicaltherapy using artificial intelligence

The importance of physiotherapy for peoples health could not be underestimated.
An experienced specialist, the right exercises, and progress analysis are necessary to achieve
successful recovery in the shortest amount of time.

Personal approach

Our technology used by physiotherapists to evaluate their patients' performance during physiotherapy exercises. Whether the patient is at the clinic or at home, he receives his plan, completes it in front of the his mobile device,and all requested parameters: angles, seconds, and inches are analyzed, calculated, and stored.

Measurement and Control

Using tablets or smartphones, the system estimates the quality of execution, according to the metrics assigned by experts, provid esinstant feedback, and monitors recovery progress.

Our solution allows physiotherapy clinics to serve larger audiences and significantly decrease operational costs by taking physiotherapy to the next, digital level.
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