Private Label Coaching Platform

Perfect tool for trainers who want to get more out of their trainees

Coaches and trainers can meet their students in person or via video conference. The gym app is another option for remote training, but most of them lack interactive features and there is no room for trainers.

The next step in coaching evolution

Our company provides sports coaches with an opportunity to extend their audience to an unlimited number of clients using the trainee's own smartphone as a "long arm" anytime and anywhere.

Mixing offline and online coaching

For very little money, any coach takes his business online in one week, and share his philosophy with his trainees, mixing offline and online coaching. By having own-brand app the coach tightens his connection to his clients, increases their awareness, becomes more accessible for his audience, opens a new communication channel, and builds his brand.

Personalized drills

A unique feature of the solution is that personalized drills can be created by coaches themselves, distributed to specified trainees, and feedback can be generated immediately by the mobile device of the user. The platform includes a large number of preset workouts that the coach has just customized for each trainee.

Whether you are a private trainer or team coach, you can create drills, and combine the drills into practice sessions, to assign drills and sessions to a single player, to groups or teams of players. A drills editor lets coaches customize the workout by tailoring the difficulty level for each player.
The platform includes:
  • White labeled app or an SDK
  • Branded design
  • Workouts editor
  • Users management
  • Workouts distribution
  • Reporting module
  • Push notification engine
  • Payments integration
  • Subscriptions management
  • …and much, much more
With our state-of-the-art technology, we can process a computer vision algorithm directly on smartphones without uploading videos to the cloud. The data sets are enhanced every day by our DL and ML tools. AI algorithms help coaches recognize trainee weaknesses and suggest alternative workouts for improvement, as well as generate practice sessions automatically.
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