Body Motion Analysis
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The first in the world Biomechanics Analysis Technology for mobile phone

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Put our unique technology in your hands!
Integrate our SDK with your app and get all the body data and statistics you need, from any mobile phone camera.




Yoga and Physiotherapy

Markerless Motion Capture >> How does it work?

Our unique technology identifies and measures any human body during individual or team activities using a mobile phone camera.
The system provides biomechanics analysis data with variety of parameters such as: jump height, jump speed, body angle, legs & arms angle and the ability to identify and measure video objects such as ball, bat, rope and more.
You can easily implement our advanced technology, and adjust it according to your app requirements.
Our SDK runs in the background and provides the data you need, including its complex motion analysis

All data and statistics are displayed in any way you choose on your app, or handled on your backend.
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